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Nineteenth International Conference and Exhibition "LIBCOM-2015"
"Information Technologies, Computer Systems and Publications for Libraries"
«TOURCENTER» Tourist and Hotel Complex, Suzdal, Vladimir Region
November 16–20, 2015
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Press Release

In Suzdal, within the framework of the Nineteenth International Conference LIBCOM-2015, the conference «The status and problems of the Russian book publishing and book distribution industry in Russia. Forecast for the Future» will be held.

In the recent years, the world book, information and library industries have been increasingly growing together into the single information industry. The library community is increasingly concerned with the publishing market issues that are consequently addressed by many information and library conferences; meanwhile, the library collection development in the decreasing consumer market has also become the publishers’ issue being discussed at book conferences, forums, exhibitions and book fairs. Book distribution in digital format is the common concern for the publishing and library markets worldwide. In this context, the need for joint research conferences and forums of book trade and information and library industries emerges.

The leading information and library congress and exhibition events in the post-Soviet space are the International Conference «Library and Information resources in modern world of science, culture, education and business» (CRIMEA Conference) and International Conference and Exhibition «Information technologies, computer systems and publications for libraries» (LIBCOM Conference).

On November 17-18, 2015 within the Nineteenth International Conference and Exhibition «Information technologies, computer systems and publications for libraries» («LIBCOM–2015») the industry conference «Status and problems of Russian book publishing and book distribution. Forecast for the future» will be held.

The conference organizers are: Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications, Russian Book Union, University Book Publishing House, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, and Moscow State University of Printing Arts.

The main conference goal is focus the attention of the book industry leaders and professionals on the serious problems of the book market in Russia, to reveal further vectors for its development and to define key measures to be taken by the government to support the industry.

Within the conference, we plan to bring to discussion the wide spectrum of issues related to the dynamics of book publishing in 2015-2016; to analyze the book publishing system in Russia and abroad; to review legal initiatives in the book-related industries and to propose scenarios for further progress.

The Conference will gather professionals in the book publishing industry: publishers, book sellers and librarians, information aggregators, representatives of professional associations and unions, ministries and agencies, researchers, professors, post-graduates and graduates of relevant universities.

Conference venue: TOURCENTER Tourist and Hotel Complex, Suzdal, Vladimir Region, Russia.


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