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“Scientific and Technical Libraries”/“Nauchnye i tekhnicheskiye biblioteki” (adopted abbreviation STL/NTB) is a monthly scientific and practical journal for the professionals in library and information science and related fields.
(Journal format – 60
х 84 cm 1/16; pages – 100 to 120.)

ISSN 1027-3689

Subscription Index 70647
in the “Press in Russia” Union Catalog.

Published since 1961 as “Tekhnicheskiye Biblioteki SSSR. Opyt raboty” (“Technical libraries in the USSR. Operation experience”);

  • From 1969 to 1991 published as “Scientific and Technical Libraries in the USSR” (“Nauchnye i tekhnicheskiye biblioteki SSSR”);

  • Since 1992 – as “Nauchnye i tekhnicheskiye biblioteki” (“Scientific and Technical Libraries”).

The journal is included into the list of the peer-reviewed science journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) for publishing candidate’s and doctoral theses and dissertations research findings, and into the Web of Science Emerging Sources Citation Index.

The journal covers the activity of libraries, sci-tech information services, universities of culture and arts, publishers, bookselling and related organizations.
It publishes papers in every area of library and information activity, including information technologies, theory and methodology, terminology, library history, advanced training and continuous education of librarians and information specialists, bibliology, reviews of professional literature.

Annually, issue № 12 comprises systematic and author indices to the materials published within the year past.
The subject scope of the publications has been constantly expanding in line with the progress in library and information activities.

The manuscripts submitted to the journal are reviewed and considered at NTB Editorial Board sessions regularly held.

The editorial opinion may not necessarily coincide with that of the authors publishing their papers in the journal.

The authors shall accept complete responsibility for the accuracy of cited information, quotes, links, references, and bibliography.

The Editorial Board shall not be responsible for moral, material or other damage caused by an individual or judicial entity as a result of the publication.

For reprint please approach the journal Editorial Board for written permission.


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