Publication ethics

The Editorial Board of the Journal “Nauchniye i tekhnicheskiye biblioteki” (“Scientific and Technical Libraries”) observes the principles of publication ethics shared by the international community, and, in particular, those stated in the Guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and by high-profile international journals and publishers’.

To avoid unfair practice of publication (plagiarism, delivery of unreliable data, etc.) and to ensure high quality of science publications, every Editorial Board member, author, reviewer, publisher, and Editorial Board and editorial staff member shall comply with ethical standards, regulations and rules, and undertake every reasonable measure to prevent their infringement. Adherence to science publication ethics means: to ensure copyright and intellectual property right, to improve journal quality and to avoid unlawful use of copyrighted materials for the benefit of unauthorized persons.

The publisher is responsible for publication of copyrighted materials and for the ethical performance of the Editorial Board, editorial staff, reviewers, and authors.

The Journal Editorial Board is guided by the principles of scientific rigor, objectivity, high expertise, and neutrality.

The Editorial Board shall make decision on publication upon consultation with reviewers. The decision shall be based on the paper scientific importance, its uniqueness (excluding reviews or translations), and orientation towards research findings implementation in library practice.

By submitting papers to the “Scientific and Technical Libraries” Journal, the authors (or the team of authors) acknowledge that they are responsible for the novelty and reliability of their study results. Cited excerpts or statements shall be supplemented with references to source and authorship. Excessive citations and any form of plagiarism, including improperly shaped quotes, rephrasing or usurpation of scientific property are seen as being inappropriate and unethical.

Those individuals who do not participate in writing and preparing the paper for publication shall not be cited as co-authors.

Authors shall present and formalize the manuscripts in accordance with the Journal rules. The authors should respect the work of the Editorial Board members and reviewers and remove shortcomings as long as those are specified in the reviews.

Manuscripts to be reviewed shall be treated as confidential documents. They shall not be submitted to inspection or discussion by the third party if unauthorized by the Editorial Board.

Reviewers are expected to review objectively and in a well-argued manner and to provide well-substantiated recommendations. Personal criticism is inappropriate.

Reviewers acknowledge that the manuscripts they review are regarded as the authors’ intellectual property and are not subject to disclosure. The disclosure is permitted only if the reviewer states the lack of credibility or fraud of scientific data presented in the article.